mercredi 15 septembre 2010

At least you don't need a psychiatrist ;-)

WebORB marketing buzz is somewhere beyond the final frontier: to get to GraniteDS into their decision trees, you first have to go with Java, which doesn't even seem to be the most recommended option according to these guys. Then, you'll have to follow this frustrating path:
Complete messaging? No.
Complete data management? No
Complete code generation? No.
A psychiatrist? No. (if you happen to choose Yes here, you get LCDS ;-)
Scale beyond one server? Yes.
J2EE-centric? Yes.
Here you are: GraniteDS.
So, after refusing all the good things, you, as a GraniteDS user, avoid at least the cost of a therapy!

But the most funny thing is at the end of their post:
We respectfully request that the developers of the other integration servers mentioned herein join us (...)
You may guess that William and I are of course seriously studying this unexpected opportunity.

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jim a dit…

Great! I look forward to working with you, and the folks at Flash & Flex Developer Magazine, to produce an updated Guide six months hence.

Jim Plamondon
Technology Evangelist
Midnight Coders

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